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Meet Kendra, Owner & Artist

I love making things--especially everyday things that people can use. There are few things as magical as starting with a lump of wet dirt and creating something useful and beautiful.


Pottery is a wonderfully tactile craft, and one perfectly suited to making useful art. There's something amazing about the way old and slow technologies connect us to centuries of makers. I use slabs of clay, hump and slump molds (some from vintage glassware), and my hands to make these dishes. My love of Frankoma pottery and Mid-Century design informs my aesthetic.


I grew up in Minneapolis and over the years have lived in Santa Fe, Montreal, Austin, Chicago and Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2015 I moved to Kansas and rediscovered how much I love that big prairie sky.


I've taken something of a scenic route to becoming a potter. I studied philosophy at McGill University in Montreal and then earned an MA in American Studies at The University of Texas in Austin, writing about Nancy Drew and advice books for girls in the 1950s. I took up photography as a hobby while working a corporate job during the dot-com boom in Austin, and eventually left law school to pursue an MFA in photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Each piece of pottery I make is unique and I hope they bring you joy and pleasure in their use. Hospitality and the urge to share a meal with friends is one of our oldest pleasures, and, well, you've got to put the food on something! Why not make it something beautiful?


Please don't hesitate to contact me with feedback, requests, and questions--I very much look forward to meeting you (virtually or face-to-face at one of my shows), and hearing how Prairie Sky Studio made your dining not just about the food, but the experience!

Kendra Mack Jennings

Kansas studio.

In 2013, my mom, an architecture writer, and I published Madeline Island Summer Houses: An Intimate Journey, a tour of cabins on a Lake Superior island. Check it out at

Kendra Mack Jennings

Moose hunting in February in Alaska.

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