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Shop kitchen boards and Tile Trivets

Kitchen boards are made of durable tempered glass. Go ahead, drop them on the ground. They won't break!* Used to be a guy at the shows in Alaska who would hit them with a hammer to demonstrate. They are 8"h x 11.5"w with a textured surface. Wash by hand.

*Listen, they can break, but you really have to work at it. They're like your windshield.

The tile trivets are heat resistant and washable, though the surface can scratch so don't use anything abrasive. With the frame they are about 7.5"h x 20"w. I can also do single tiles with a cork back in a variety of sizes. If you'd like more information about tile options, drop me a line.


I print these myself, so I'm happy to make custom personalized designs with your photo or text. There is no extra charge to make it your own.

Just click here to email me the picture or text you want on the board and then purchase the Custom Kitchen Board below.

Turn-around is generally two days.


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