Little Phone on The Prairie

I finally made it out to the beautiful Konza Prairie last weekend. In fact, it was so beautiful that I went back a few days later. Here it is, February, and I'm out there on a 70-degree day in the bright sun. Toto, I don't think we're in Alaska anymore.

As I came across this scene,

I thought I should share it with a buddy up in Alaska, bragging on this Kansas weather. I took out my phone, snapped a pic, sent a text, and took off again. A mile later, when I stopped to check the time, I had no phone. Apparently, what I had thought in my blind groping was a pocket in my pack, was really a flap that simply discharged my phone somewhere onto the grass. I backtracked. I zig-zagged. I did not find the phone. Two days later I hiked the trail again and still did not find the phone. It's my own fault. I'd never bothered to turn on the "find my phone" app. It was, however, a fantastic way to spend some time out in the Konza. Does all this really turn green in the summer?!?

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