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Prairie fires make beautiful moons.

My first farmers market was sort of typical. The regulars sussed me out or played it cool, waiting to see if I'd be a one-timer. I sold something. It made me hungry. Being at market always makes me hungry. The Thai ladies at the market in Fairbanks once chided me for being in another food line so soon after I'd gotten chicken curry from them.

And a completely lovely thing happened when my friendly table-neighbor, Hugo, introduced me to my new pottery friends, Joyce and Ray. Joyce is a wonderful potter who has unfortunately developed Parkinson's. She has a wealth of knowledge about running a pottery business and, in return, I can provide an extra set of steady hands for her projects. Her first show, 30-odd years ago, was the Wichita Art & Book Fair, which will be my first show in just a few weeks now. I'm hoping to soak up some of her skill, but in the meantime, it's been a joy getting to know her and Ray.

This is the best phase of any new undertaking, when it's all just ahead, still potential, all unknown, but hopeful. I'm so lucky to be getting to make things and luckier yet to have a supportive husband, family, and friends. Thanks guys.

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